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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do you mean by "Flexible League"?

A: Flexible means you and your partner and your opponent for each week get the opportunity to communicate and coordinate the day and time that works best for the 4-some, across that specific week, in order to accomodate to everyone's busy schedules. It also means you can play your scheduled match at Honcho's "PVP" (Preferred Venue Partner OR at a private court/club that your 4-some has access to. Convenience encourages Consistency!

Q: How long is the season?

A: A 6-week regular season with a 2-week playoff period and 2 weeks of grace period to make sure each participant can coordinate matches in our flexible league model, as well as to ensure that every city is running on the same time-frame.

Q: How much does it cost and what does it come with?

A: $120 per person / $240 per team which comes with 6 non-required hour long court reservations at your disposal, Honcho branded merch, a nice winners pot, national exposure through the dinks and Honchos channels, and a Champions gift(s) to walk away with!

Q: Tell me more about Honcho's Preferred Venue Partners (PVP's)?

A: On behalf of our participants, Honcho has identified one PVP in each city that will provide our participants an hour long court availability at varying times, week over week. We handle the communication/coordination/booking with the venue, load it up to our league software for immediate access by our participants, and you simply claim and show up with your foursome for that week!

Q: Tell us about your league software?

A: The league software Honcho uses is fully customized towards the sport of pickleball. It has been further customized towards our unique/differentiated league model to allow for weekly communication streams for each weeks 4-some in order to collaborate on a day/time that works best. It also displays our PVP court availabilities that have been pre-arranged and made available to our league participants. And of course, entering weekly match scores and tracking ranking, seeding, scheduling, etc.

Q: How do I become an ambassador and what does it entail?

A: Check out our "Ambassador Inquiries" tab and apply to be an ambassador. Low Maintenance and low time requirement in exchange for national recognition, Honcho merch, Honcho sponsor gear, and a commission program. You build the brand bigger and bigger in your city, we want to pay you! Help us plant our flag, build our brand in your city and make this experience unmatched for your greater network!

Q: Do yall have a referral program?

A: Yes we do, and we truly love to incentivize our Honcho participants to add to our Honcho culture by referring their inner and outer network! If you refer, best believe you will get to participate and receive great perks ranging from Honcho merch to Honcho Sponsor gear and more. Lets flood this league(s) with your friends and family!

Q: How do I become the "Head Honcho" of my city and compete nationally?

A: Compete in your respective skillset division in your city, win the championship, become the Head Honcho for you skillset division, for that season, for that city!  Easy-Peasy! Each Head Honcho, will be invited to our 2024 end of year National tournament in which we will compete to see who the HEAD HONCHO of the USA is.

Q: What's the Honcho Culture like?

A: Electric. No further comments your honor!

Just kidding. We are a high-energy, social bunch who like to compete and also network. We host mid-season happy hours in order to encourage our league participants to get to know each other and befriend one another. We hold mid-season tournaments to bring everyone into a centralized location to foster our inner high-school hero even further. And of course, after each match we want your team and your opponents to hang out and get to know each other at our awesome PVP locations. Have a seltzer, slam some grub, and meet your new pickleball inner-circle.

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