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You have questions, we have answers. You will find a ton of useful information below.

If you have other questions that are not referenced please send an email to

 Q: What's the Deal with "Flexible League"? 

A: Flexibility is our middle name! You, your partner, and your weekly opponents get to pick the perfect time and place for your match. Whether it's at a Honcho PVP or a private court, we make it easy for you to fit pickleball into your busy life. Convenience breeds consistency, baby!

 Q: How Long Does the Season Last? 

A: Six action-packed weeks of regular play, followed by a two-week playoff showdown and a two-week grace period. This ensures everyone can coordinate their matches and keeps all our cities in sync.

 Q: What's the Price Tag?  

A: For $120 per player or $240 per team, you get six optional one-hour court reservations, Honcho swag, a winners' pot, national exposure, and a championship prize that'll make you the envy of the league.

 Q: What's Honcho's Preferred Venue Partners (PVPs)? 

A: We've handpicked a top-tier PVP in each city to offer you prime court time. We handle all the booking logistics; you just show up and smash it! Click here for more info

 Q: What's the Scoop on Your League Software? 

A: Our software is tailor-made for pickleball and customized for Honcho's unique league model. It's your one-stop-shop for scheduling, scoring, and everything in between.

 Q: What's the Vibe at Honcho? 

A: Think electric meets epic! We're all about competition, networking, and good times. From mid-season happy hours to post-match hangouts at our PVPs, we're creating a pickleball community that's second to none.

 Q: How Do I Become a Honcho Ambassador? 

A: Head to our  Ambassador Inquiries  page and throw your hat in the ring. In exchange for minimal time and effort, you get national fame, Honcho gear, sponsor swag, and a sweet commission. Help us conquer your city!

 Q: How Do I Become the "Head Honcho" and Compete Nationally? 

A: Win your city's championship in your skill division, and you're the Head Honcho! You'll earn an invite to our 2024 National Tournament to battle for the title of the USA's ultimate Head Honcho.

 Q: Got a Referral Program? 

A: You bet! Refer your crew to Honcho and score some killer perks. From exclusive merch to sponsored swag, we make it worth your while.

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