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 Current PVPs 

PVPs or Preferred Venue Partners are pickleball facilities

that will host Honcho matches this fall.


Santa Monica Pickleball Center

 Los Angeles 

Santa Monica Pickleball Center offers pickleball enthusiasts a top-tier playing experience with well-maintained courts and a welcoming community, all just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Santa Monica beach.

CNP Grand Prairie.jpg

Chicken N Pickle - Grand Prairie


Chicken N Pickle - Grand Prairie stands out as a vibrant and dynamic venue, offering a unique blend of indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, alongside a lively atmosphere fueled by a delicious restaurant and bar.

Copy of 2205-ThePitch-46.jpg

The Pitch


The Pitch in Austin stands as a pickleball hotspot, featuring state-of-the-art outdoor courts and a vibrant social scene, all set against the backdrop of Austin's lively energy and charm.


Chicken N Pickle - Glendale


Chicken N Pickle - Glendale brings a unique blend of high-energy pickleball, culinary delights, and social festivities, providing an exceptional indoor/outdoor playing experience in the heart of Arizona.


Samuell Grand Tennis Center


Samuell Grand Tennis Center transforms into a pickleball haven, offering 12 dedicated courts within a sprawling, scenic park, providing an unmatched playing experience for both novices and seasoned players.


Drop Shots


Drop Shots Houston serves up a stellar pickleball experience with premium quality courts and a vibrant community vibe, ensuring every game is as thrilling and enjoyable as the city itself.

Ready to play? Register now for our upcoming Fall season!

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