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Player Registration

The premier amateur pickleball league across the nation!

Our flexible league experience allows you to have the chance

to become the "Head Honcho" of your city!

 Registration Deadline 

 Nov. 1 2023 

Season Duration

 Registration Fee 

Nov. 6 2023 - Jan. 21 2024
(Holiday Gap Included)

League Details

  • 6-week Regular Season (Nov 6th - Dec 17th)

  • Single Elimination Playoffs (Jan 1st - Jan 21st)

  • Flexible Scheduling, week over week

  • Free court reservations for league participants


Multi-Skillset Divisions

  • Recreational (Social Play)

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


Honcho Perks

  • Access to free court reservations each week (~$60+ Value)

  • Honcho Swag Bag & Gear (~$40+ Value)

  • Winners' Pot & Package

  • Recognition on Social Media

  • Honcho Happy Hours

 About Honcho: 

Honcho Pickleball Leagues provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing players to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit while indulging in their passion for the game.  

At Honcho, we guarantee an experience that's unrivaled, where memories are made, connections are built, and fun is at the forefront.

Breakdown of the four skillset divisions:

  • Recreational: Players who want PB to be in a fun & social environment

  • Beginner: Players that are new to the sport but want to compete

  • Intermediate: Players that have a 3.0-4.24 DUPR rating or play 1.5+ times a week

  • Advanced: Players that have a ~4.25+ DUPR rating or play 3+ times a week 


  • Happy hours, networking & special food and drink offers

  • Big winners pot & Honcho Pickleball League Championship Packages

  • Free merchandise & swag from Honcho and our brand partners 

  • Compete in league match play & national tournaments to become the "Head Honcho"

  • Watch your own live streamed playoff games on social media.

  • Recognition via Honcho's social media channels

 How it Works: 

At Honcho, we are responsible for all aspects of league administration including, scheduling, seeding, ranking, providing Preferred Venues for game-play, management, accountability, and more.

Each team and their opponent for that week has one full week to determine a the day, time & location (either a court that Honcho provides or a court of their choosing) to play their scheduled match within that 7-day period. The league season is 6 weeks of regular season play, 2-weeks of grace period & 2-week playoffs to determine the winner of each division.

This approach allows for super flexibility with everyone’s busy travel, work & family lives, yet allows for consistent weekly gameplay with new and old friends in your community!


  • Flexible weekly gameplay scheduling & coordination with top-notch league software

  • Players of all skill levels broken out into various divisions to ensure the proper fit 

  • Access to “preferred venues” & pickleball courts in your city.

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